CYT Virtual Winter Family Camp

From the comfort of your own home, welcome to CYT Winter Family Camp, Disney Vol. 1! This 5 day adventure will have families of all sizes, singing, dancing, learning new skills, having fun, and developing character together and at your own pace. We’re going to experience theater arts training using some of our favorite Disney themes like Aladdin, Mary Poppins, Frozen, The Lion King, and more. When you purchase this digital Camp, you’ll receive access to the CYT Family Camp Handbook that will guide you through the week, complete with video lessons in singing, dancing, and specialty workshops, printable activities, game instructions, lists of optional supplies, and all the info you will need for a memorable week the whole family can enjoy! One camp fee covers everyone in your household, plus there are bonus “activities with friends” where you can invite others in on the fun!

* Access to Camp materials will be available December 13, 2020 - March 13, 2021

What You Get!

  • * Family Camp Handbook (your helpful guide through the week) 
  • * 20 + instructional videos like dance and vocal lessons, workshops, character studies, and more!
  • * Activities, games, and even snack and meal ideas for the family. 
  • * Disney Trivia
  • * Water Day activities for outside
  • * Games themed to the Disney Movie/Show of the day 
  • * Scavenger Hunts
  • * Built-in family showcase to perform for friends or in your living room!
  • * And so much more!
  • This camp is completely self-contained and designed for your family, whatever the size or age! There is certainly something for everyone. There are also activities that are designed for you to do with friends or neighbors, so you can share CYT with others!

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