Current Shows:

About CYT Shows

Enrollment in CYT classes provides students ages 8-18 the opportunity to audition for the current production. CYT Chapters produce one Broadway-style musical each session: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Students age 12+ who want to be part of the show without performing can apply to be part of our backstage crew.

CYT shows are appropriate for the entire family and are an excellent way to introduce children to the arts at a young age!

Tickets are not refundable within 48 hours of a production.



Students ages 8 - 18 who are enrolled in CYT classes are invited to audition for our mainstage production. Click Audition Details below for more information.  Auditions are a wonderful way for students to gain self-confidence, and to show the best of their talents!
Students ages 12+ who are interested in being involved behind the scenes may apply to be a member of our Backstage Crew! Email Ms. Mandee for information about Backstage opportunities!


Parent Committees

Parents are the backbone of CYT! Without them, CYT would not be the family-oriented organization that it is, in additoin to producing high-quality shows! 

At least one parent of each student cast in the production is required to serve on a CYT Parent Committee. Options include, but are not limited to: costumes, refreshments, props, greenroom, backstage, public relations, sets, docents, technical, make-up, programs, and house management.

School Days

CYT brings the best in children’s theater to students throughout the Austin. Literature from the classroom comes to life on stage in quality productions with colorful costumes, professional staging, energetic choreography and singing. All performers and crew members are students ages 8 –18.  CYT School Day performances are designed specifically for elementary and middle school classes.

If you are interested in a school day production, click on the contact page and forward your information.