Expo is Back!

The CYT EXPO is an annual celebration of our CYT Branches. It is a chance for us to bring unity across the country through workshops, gathering, sharing, and more! The CYT EXPO is open to CYT students and Branch leadership and hosts our national APEX competitions and training, leadership meetings, and student activities. Come be a part of the bigger CYT picture!

Want to audition for the EXPO worship team?  CYT National will be taking applications and audition videos for anyone participating a CYT across the nation.  Instructions and Audition info can be found HERE.

APEX 2023!

We are excited to announce the 2023 APEX Competition! At EXPO, each APEX DANCE and VOICE team will be given an opportunity for individual closed adjudication and feedback from a performing arts professional.  This is a time for rich encouragement and celebration of the talent and work exhibited by the teams, along with constructive and tangible feedback.  Each team will participate in a public showcase of their prepared program. The teams will be judged on specific criteria during the showcase, and the top 3 scoring teams will perform in the FINAL APEX EXHIBITION.

APEX Dance - Coach: Carol D'Avila
APEX Voice - Coach: Cathie Sheridan

APEX classes will take place on Monday evenings at Austin Baptist Church and Thursday evenings at Bethany United Methodist Church during our Spring Session starting Monday April 10th.  Students are permitted to be on both teams.  They will audition for the team of their choice, and if cast, willl then register for the class.  Find the audition forms below.

HYPE - High School Youth Pursuing Excellence

High School Youth Pursuing Excellence (HYPE) is a leadership training group designed to challenge and guide advanced CYT students to be leaders inside and outside of the theater. HYPE holds regular meetings and plans social events, fundraisers, and service projects for CYT and the community. High school students interested in participating must go through an application process and commit to serving in HYPE for one year.

CYT @School

CYT wants to ensure that students everywhere have an opportunity to experience the wonderful world of theater. CYT@school is a low-cost after school or residency program that supports performing arts training in public and private schools. The after school program consists of eight weeks of drama, voice, and dance training. Residency programs are offered during the school day and are customized to the individual school and their program needs. All participating students perform in a fun, literature-based showcase at the end of the session.

If you're interested in the possibility of adding a theater arts class to your school's curriculum, contact us at 512-332-9319