It is 1960, and a chorus of young girls energetically sings the praises of rock & roll idol Conrad Birdie. At Almaelou Music Corp. In New York, Conrad’s managers, Albert Peterson and Rosie Alvarez (who’ve been dating for years), learn that their client has been inducted into the army. Though she’d prefer that Albert settle down and become “An English Teacher,” Rosie concocts a plan: as a publicity stunt, Conrad will bid a typical American teen-age girl goodbye with a public farewell kiss. Come see how Rosie's plot affects a tiny little town in America in this iconic show!

Dates / Times:

  • Wednesday, Mar 6th @ 7:30pm
  • Thursday, Mar 7th @ 7:30pm
  • Friday, Mar 8th @ 7:30pm
  • Saturday, Mar 9th @ 2:30pm

Ticket Prices:

All Tickets are General Admission. To honor our hard working actors and paying customers we ask that you not bring babies or toddlers to the show. Handicap seating available, see an attendant on the night of the show. DOUBLE CAST PERFORMANCE NIGHTS WILL BE LISTED BELOW UNDER SHOW NOTES.

The Church at Canyon Creek:

9001 N FM 620, Austin, TX 78726

Show Notes:

Some lead roles for Bye Bye Birdie may be double cast.  Details will be listed here with the order of each cast after auditions and the show has been cast.  Leads will play other roles on their off night.  

                                            Sweet Apple Cast                              Penn Station Cast
                                                    Wed./Fri.                                              Thurs. /Sat.

Albert                                    Jacob Horton                                      Luke Schiesser  

Rosie                                         Julia Jones                                           Abbie Brown

Mae Peterson                         Jala Boyer                                            Zoe Bolender

Conrad Birdie                      Jack Lambert                                      Carson Petocz

Kim MacAfee                     Anna McCauley                                   Madison Elliott

Hugo Peabody                   Ben Schiesser                                       Ben Schiesser

Harry MacAfee                   Daniel Martin                                         Alex Rusch

Doris MacAfee                 Alysen Sherburne                                Heidi Schuttger

Randolph MacAfee            Miles Outlaw                                      Max Meadows

Ursula Merkle                       Jessica Graber                                      Abi Laiming

Harvey Johnson                    David Gerber                                        Josh Brown


Parent Meeting

Saturday, February 16th 9:00am

The 2nd mandatory parent meeting will be held Saturday, February 16, 2019 starting at 9am. We will review the Production Week schedule and needs, and have an opportunity for Parent Committees to meet.



  • Jacob Horton
  • Luke Schiesser
ALBERT PETERSON is the president of the Almaelou Music Corporation and is Conrad Birdie’s agent.


  • Abbie Brown
  • Julia Jones
ROSIE ALVAREZ is Albert’s girlfriend and secretary at the Almaelou Music Corporation, who is frustrated with Albert’s inability to commit to her.

Mrs. Mae Peterson

  • Jala Boyer
  • Zoe Bolender
MRS. MAE PETERSON is Albert’s controlling mother. She loves her son, despite her disapproval of the way he runs the family business and (especially) his affection for Rosie.

Conrad Birdie

  • Carson Petocz
  • Jack Lambert
CONRAD BIRDIE is a teen heartthrob who has been drafted into the army. This character was written with Elvis Presley in mind. He says little but conveys much with his body language, swagger and, of course, his music.

Kim MacAfee

  • Anna McCauley
  • Madison Elliott
KIM MACAFEE is the self-confident young member of Conrad’s fan club who is chosen to receive a kiss from Conrad before he leaves for the Army. She sees herself as more mature than the average teenager.

Hugo Peabody

  • Benjamin Schiesser
HUGO PEABODY is Kim’s devoted steady boyfriend who is jealous that Conrad is receiving so much attention from Kim.

Mr. Harry MacAfee

  • Alexander Rusch
  • Daniel Martin
MR. HARRY MACAFEE is Kim’s father who thinks he’s in control of his family and his teenaged daughter (but isn’t).

Mrs. Doris MacAfee

  • Alysen Sherburne
  • Heidi Schuttger
MRS. DORIS MACAFEE is Kim’s loving mother who knows just how to handle her husband and her household.

Randolph MacAfee

  • Max S Meadows
  • Miles Outlaw
RANDOLPH MACAFEE is Kim’s younger brother.

Ursula Merkle

  • Abi Laiming
  • Jessica Graber
URSULA MERKLE is Kim’s best friend and the hyper-enthusiastic teenager who leads the girls in screaming for Conrad.


  • Timothy Hall
THE MAYOR is the head figure of Sweet Apple, Ohio, who welcomes Conrad Birdie to town.

Mayor's Wife (Edna)

  • Emily Butler
THE MAYOR’S WIFE, EDNA, is one of the adults in the show who cannot escape the power of Conrad Birdie’s spell.

Gloria Rasputin

  • Spencer Griego
GLORIA RASPUTIN is the dreamy, ambitious knockout whom Mrs. Peterson chooses to replace Rosie. She is looking for her big break in show business and hopes Albert can help her.


  • Emily Hall

Deborah Sue

  • Abi Laiming
  • Jessica Graber


  • Emma Cloward


  • Lauren Giarratano


  • Kate Rehurek

Penelope Ann

  • Makenna Whorton


  • Gage Outlaw


  • Samuel James

Harvey Johnson

  • David Gerber
  • Joshua Brown
HARVEY JOHNSON is a typical nerdy teenager who can’t seem to get enough of the gossip going on in Telephone Hour.

Ed Sullivan

  • Sinjin Clark

Ed Sullivan Show Trio

  • Abigail Pierro
  • Ava Roden
  • Emily Hall

Sweet Apple Teen Girl Chorus

  • Adeline Lenfest
  • Alanna McElhanon
  • Amelia Weenig
  • Camryn Elliott
  • Caroline Diller
  • Eden Riffee
  • Elizabeth (Lily) James
  • Emily Hollingsworth
  • Esther Laiming
  • Hannah Martin
  • Kaitlyn Moore
  • Loralee Patterson
  • Parker Grizzle
  • Sloane Patterson
  • Spencer Griego
  • Suzy Smith
  • Tatum Oxenreider

Sweet Apple Tween Chorus

  • Aravis Lenfest
  • Genevieve Banasik
  • Grace Poinsett
  • Josie Poinsett
  • Lana Griego
  • Lillie Martin
  • Lucy Hall
  • McKenzie Snyder
  • Olivia Childs Friedman
  • Reese Hibbard
  • Tally Lambert

Sweet Apple Teen Boy Chorus

  • David Gerber
  • Jackson Michaelian
  • Joshua Brown
  • Samuel James
  • Sinjin Clark

Mrs. Merkle

  • Elizabeth Michaelian
MRS. MERKLE is Ursula’s overbearing mother who also gets a touch of Conrad Birdie Fever

Mrs. Johnson

  • Victoria Culp
MRS. JOHNSON is Harvey’s mother and one of the many parents in Sweet Apple desperate to keep control of their children as Conrad Birdie comes to town.

Sweet Apple Parent's Chorus

  • Abigail Pierro
  • Alex Pyle
  • Ashley Gleason
  • Ava Roden
  • Eden Riffee
  • Eliza Diller
  • Gabriella Banasik
  • Holly Pate
  • Katerina Hopp
  • Samuel James

Sweet Apple Kids Chorus

  • Braxton Banasik
  • Chloe Craxton
  • Kinsley Gaither
  • Major McAdams
  • Mollie Meadows
  • Zoe Ryniker

Reporter #1

  • Ashley Gleason

Reporter #2

  • Eliza Diller

Reporter #3

  • Abigail Pierro


  • Sinjin Clark