Christian Youth Theater is a great place to put your creative and organizational skills to work. Your hard work helps build character in kids, and empowers a community of parents to create incredible musical theater.

Current Openings

Any specific employment opportunities that are currently available will be listed here. For these roles we are looking for a minimum of a 1 year commitment.

Other Inquiries

We are always open to inquiries regarding certain recurring roles. While these roles may not be immediately open, we are always planning for future class sessions and future productions, and love meeting creative professionals that might be a good fit for our program. Click any links for current Job Descriptions for these roles.

Recurring Production Roles
  • Director
  • Music Director
  • Choreographer
  • Costumer
  • Production Coordinator
  • Class Coordinator
Recurring Class Session Roles
  • Vocal Teacher
  • Drama Teacher
  • Dance Teacher
  • Teachers of other creative arts that can be applied to theater.

Application & Inquiry Instructions

If you are interested in applying for a currently listed opening, or making an inquiry about any other role, please fill out the forms indicated below, and email them to the Managing Director and Artistic Director at

Application & Inquiry Forms
  • Application (All roles require this, both employee and contractor.)
  • Working Agreements  (All roles require this, both employee and contractor.)
Hiring Forms
  • W4 (Required for hourly or stipend employees.)
  • I-9 (Required for hourly or stipend employees.)
  • W9 (Required for contractors)